Love Notes may conjure up memories of passing your crush a folded note in class or waiting up all night for a text message response filled with sweet nothings.

Why limit it to romance? No, I find Love Notes to be:

  • Your favorite song coming on the radio during a road trip. You turn up the volume and belt the words off-key. The truckers you pass give you the oddest looks.
  • Hearing from an old friend and finding yourselves picking up right where you left off. How is it you two get each other so well after all this time?
  • Random kindness of strangers. The person who holds the door for you or tells you there’s something stuck in between your teeth. The ones who laugh at the joke they overheard you say. The ones who share a knowing, friendly smile.
  • The quiet messages from the universe that assure you everything is going to be okay. A cool breeze. A thriving blossom. A daydream. A wish.

This newsletter is my collection of life’s Love Notes. Short stories, poetry, intuitive tarot readings, contemplative articles, and anything else that honors authenticity—no matter how ugly or painful it can sometimes be.

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