Meet Miles Riot, the guitarist to the band on the rise, Tempest Ultra. The record labels are after them. The adoring fans are after them. The tabloids are after them.

Abigail Clarke is a music journalist--definitely not a paparazzi rat--who's been assigned to go on tour with the band. But for this small town, Texas girl, traveling with the chaotic and reckless crew is the opposite of fun. She'd much prefer the soulful twangs of an acoustic guitar in a coffee shop to the eardrum-assaulting riffs and violent mosh pits that Tempest evokes. Good thing she's a professional. Abby's certain she'll get her story one way or another.

Miles knows Abby will have plenty of drama to report. From rock star hijinks to deep, dark secrets, Abby has the power to bury this band before they're ever signed.

He'll have to keep a close eye on this woman to make sure she doesn't get in the way...

The Lust List Miles Riot

Falling in love with a celebrity bachelor throws her straight into the paparazzi’s spotlight.

Olivia Margot wasn’t expecting a private mansion for this job interview, and even more surprising is the dysfunctional, famous family who owns it.

Devon Stone is over his family’s self-absorbed ways, but his inheritance is on the line. No stranger to scandal and always seeking his next thrill, Devon’s caught off guard by the nervous, timid woman looking lost outside of the Stone mansion. When she doesn’t even recognize him, it’s game on.

An event planner, Olivia wants to keep her head down and focus on work, but now she’s stuck in the middle of a family feud while fighting her feelings for a tabloid troublemaker.

Sparks ignite between the two, but old ways die hard. Traumatic pasts, dangerous vices, and uncertain futures. This whirlwind romance is doomed from the start unless Olivia and Devon both take a leap into the unknown.

The Lust List Devon Stone


Adult Contemporary Romance

Grandma said she's sick, but she looks fine to me.
She has a disease called ALS that makes it hard for her muscles to work.
My whole family is learning new ways to help her, but I miss how things used to be.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a very challenging disease that affects all types of people: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. Of course, it also has an enormous impact on the children who love those who’ve been diagnosed with ALS.

Children bring kisses, hugs, caregiving, and joy to those living with ALS, but at the same time, those children may be experiencing confusion, fear, and worry as they watch the person they love face a scary disease.

And Love Speaks helps to navigate those difficult feelings and conversations, to help children understand that their loved one with ALS is the same person inside, and to maximize quality time together ensuring every moment counts.

Now available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

The Carnival of Chaos Series


Thea’s entire life has been a lie. As high school graduation nears, she yearns for a purpose... and for a family, but on the outskirts of town, along the streets Thea’s long avoided, an evil force lurks, hunting her.

After one reckless night out, Thea awakens in a dark, dirty pit to the sounds of chanting and screaming. A narrow escape throws her into a hidden world of magic and danger. She finds herself in-between two opposing factions and learns she’s a vital key in an endangered lineage of energy witches tasked with protecting all earth’s existence.

Now she must relearn everything: who she is, where she comes from, and how to use the pulsing magic that’s always run through her veins. But time is running out.

When a loved one vanishes, Thea must act fast. The evil will stop at nothing to get what it desires, and Thea can’t risk losing anyone else.