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The Shadow Guard

Part II in the Carnival of Chaos series

New friends, old foes.

In Loving Memory

Two beautiful, creative souls have recently left this Earth.

Both had a major impact on Euphoria Publishing's books. Both will be forever loved and missed.

Autumn Kalquist

Author, writing partner,

& best friend

"Ask your heart, and get back to me."

Sandra Blair

Mother, grandmother, &

inspiration behind

And Love Speaks

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The Gatekeepers

Part III in the Carnival of Chaos series

Newsworthy Updates

Writers on the Moon

We got a launch date!

And Love Speaks, The Lust List collection, and a special stowaway from a soon-to-be released new author will be rocketing out into space, making their way to their new home on the moon December 24, 2023! 

Watch the launch live here!

Learn more about Writers on the Moon

American Diary Project

announces 100 Authors: A Year in the Life

Euphoria Publishing is proud to announce Elie James Wile will be a participating author in the 100 Authors: A Year in the Life diary project. This project is being coordinated by USA Today Best Selling author, Olivia Gaines, and is supported by the American Diary Project.

Learn more about it here! 

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